How to Spell-Check Your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation After-the-Fact

Choose the correct spelling and click the Change button. Alternatively, click Ignore and laugh in PowerPoint’s face.

If you agree that the word is misspelled, scan the list of corrections that PowerPoint offers and select the one that you like. Then click the Change button.

If you like the way that you spelled the word in the first place (maybe it’s an unusual word that isn’t in the PowerPoint spelling dictionary, or maybe you like to spell the way Chaucer did), click the Ignore button. Watch as PowerPoint turns red in the face.

If you want PowerPoint to ignore all occurrences of a particular misspelling within the current presentation, click the Ignore All button. Likewise, if you want PowerPoint to correct all occurrences of a particular misspelling, click the Change All button.

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