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Pages can check spelling as you type (the default setting) or check it after you complete your document. If you find automatic spell-checking distracting, you should definitely pick the latter method.

Spell checking confirms only that a word is correctly spelled, not that it’s the right word for the job! If you’ve ever “red” a document that someone else “rote,” you understand.

To check spelling as you type, follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit and hover the cursor over the Spelling menu item.

  2. Click Check Spelling As You Type in the submenu that appears.

    If a possible misspelling is found, Pages underlines the word with a red, dashed line.

  3. Right-click the word to choose a possible correct spelling from the list, or ignore the word if it’s spelled correctly.

To turn off automatic spell checking, click the Check Spelling As You Type menu item again to deselect it.

To check spelling manually, follow these steps:

  1. Click within the document to place the text insertion cursor where the spell check should begin.

  2. Click Edit and hover the mouse cursor over the Spelling menu item; then choose Check Spelling from the submenu that appears.

  3. Right-click any possible misspellings and choose the correct spelling, or choose Ignore if the word is spelled correctly.

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