That tiny lens at the top of the screen on your Snow Leopard MacBook or iMac is your built-in iSight camera. That means you can videoconference in style. Photo Booth allows you to snap digital pictures just as you did in the old automatic photo booth at your local arcade, but Photo Book comes complete with visual effects to add pizzazz and punch to your photos.

If you’re using a Mac mini or Mac Pro, you’re not stuck out in the cold! You can still add your own iSight external camera or use a FireWire DV camcorder for your Photo Booth input. (Many external USB and FireWire Web cameras support Mac OS X as well.) Snow Leopard automatically recognizes any supported external video camera.

Photo Booth can capture images at 640 x 480 resolution and 32-bit color. and although today’s digital cameras produce a much higher-quality photo, you can’t beat the built-in convenience of Photo Booth for that quick snapshot!

To snap an image in Photo Booth, follow these steps:


Launch Photo Booth from the Applications folder.

The application window appears.


(Optional) Click the Effects button to choose an effect you’d like to apply to your image.

Photo Booth displays thumbnail images so that you can see how each effect changes the photo. To return the display to normal without choosing an effect, click the Normal thumbnail, which appears in the center.

Of course, you can always launch your favorite image editor afterward to use a filter or effect on a photo.


(Optional) Click a thumbnail to select the desired effect.

When you choose an effect, Photo Booth automatically closes the Effects display.


Click the Camera button.

The image appears in the film strip at the bottom of the window. Photo Booth keeps a copy of all the images you take in the film strip so that you can use them later. After you click a photo in the filmstrip, a series of buttons appears.


(Optional) Click the Series button.

You can choose to send the photo in an e-mail message, save the photo directly to iPhoto, use the image as your Snow Leopard user account icon, or use it as your iChat Buddy icon.


To delete an image from the Photo Booth filmstrip, click the photo and then click the X button that appears underneath.