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The pictures and movies you make in Photo Booth turn up at the bottom of the Photo Booth program in an on-screen photo strip. To look at the image, just click the corresponding thumbnail. You have several options for sharing the picture or movie with others. By choosing the appropriate button:

  • You can make your Mac Photo Booth picture your Account Picture or Buddy Picture (for use as a buddy icon) in iChat.

  • You can e-mail your Mac Photo Booth picture through the Mac’s Mail application or send it to your iPhoto picture library.

  • You can drag your Mac Photo Booth picture to your desktop.

  • You can export the thumbnail by selecting it, choosing File from the Photo Booth menu, and then selecting Export. If it was a four-up shot, it gets exported as an animated .gif file that you can use in Web sites or as your iChat buddy picture.

  • If you’ve collected several Mac Photo Booth pictures that you’d like to share, you can show them off in a slideshow. Simply choose View→Start Slideshow.

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