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You can make a difference to the environment by launching your own green community project. You can tackle a wide range of needs — clearing a hiking trail in a park or lobbying your local legislators to add green space. Some basic steps to follow in order to make your project successful:


Identify the need.

Do your research so that you have a clear idea of the scope of the project.


Find like-minded people.

Share your vision; you may be surprised by how much help you can get. Talk to local service organizations, community-based clubs, or youth groups, for example. Get your municipal or county government involved.


Put a plan in place.

Organize your project to map out goals, strategies, and even contingencies in case of obstacles.


Raise funds if necessary.

Look for local, state, and federal grants (make phone calls or start searching online), and collect donations from the community.


Raise awareness in the community.

The most successful projects capture the community’s imagination and support, so let the community know what’s happening and why. Contact local community newsletters, newspapers, and other media outlets and offer to submit articles about the project or provide people who can be interviewed about it. Put up posters on community bulletin boards (such as in supermarkets, libraries, and community halls), and talk about the project to friends and neighbors.

Remember: When you make presentations to groups, always have a sign-up sheet available so that you can build a list of potential organizers and volunteers.

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