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How to Set Up the Windows 7 Text to Speech Feature for Excel 2007

Before you can use the Windows 7 Text to Speech feature with Excel 2007, you must first add the Speak commands to the Excel Quick Access toolbar. Once you've set up Excel 2007 to recognize Windows 7's Text to Speech feature, you can use this feature to have the computer read text back to you, which comes in very handy when you want to hear a series of cell values read back to you as you visually verify them on a separate printed page.

  1. Open Excel and click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button.

    You can find it at the end of the Quick Access toolbar.

  2. Click More Commands on the menu.

    Excel then opens the Excel Options dialog box.

  3. Select All Commands in the Choose Commands From drop-down menu.

  4. Select each of the Speak commands you want to add to the toolbar.

    You'll need to scroll down the list box to find the speaking commands: Speak Cells, Speak Cells — Stop Speaking Cells, and so on.

  5. Click the Add command and then click OK.

    Now, you just need to select the cells you want to convert to speech and click the appropriate button on the Quick Access toolbar.

    To use Text to Speech with Excel 2003, just display the Text to Speech toolbar (View→Toolbars→Text to Speech).

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