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How to Set Up the TI-Nspire Device

After you install the batteries and get your TI-Nspire device up and running, you'll need to run through the initial setup. To turn on your TI-Nspire device, press the [ON] key.

After pressing [ON] for the first time, you see a progress bar indicating that the operating system is loading. Eventually, you are greeted by a screen that prompts you to choose a language, giving you your first experience with a dialog box featuring drop-down menus.

To select the language, do the following:

  1. Press the center click key, which looks like a hand with an arrow below it, to reveal the drop-down menu.

  2. Use the


    keys on the Touchpad to highlight the language.

  3. Press [TAB] to highlight the OK button (as indicated by a dark outline) and press [ENTER].

If you are happy with the default settings of any dialog box, press [ENTER] and the settings take effect and close the dialog box at the same time. You don’t need to tab through each field.

Next, you are prompted to select a font size. However, if you want to change the font size, feel free to do so by following the same steps used for choosing a language.

Finally, you are greeted by a welcome screen, which describes some of the basic features of your TI-Nspire. Feel free to scroll through this document by pressing the


key. Press [ENTER] to display the TI-Nspire Home menu.

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