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Setting up a default online store in Windows Media Player will allow you to purchase music and other media with just a click. With a default online store, you can use the toolbar buttons to jump straight into the site and start searching for music.


In Windows Media Player, choose Online Stores→Browse All Online Stores.

To open WMP, choose Start→All Programs→Accessories→Windows Media Player. If you’ve set up a default online store, the Online Stores button displays that store’s name at the far right of your toolbar. If you want to change it, click the arrow under the store name.


In the resulting window, click a category in the list on the left and then click a store.

A message appears confirming that you want to go to this store.


Click Yes.

This store is now your default store in this category; its name is displayed on the Online Stores button, and the online store will appear in your Windows Media Player window.

If you’ve set up a store in more than one category, whichever store you visited last is displayed on the Online Stores button. To easily switch to another store, click the arrow on the Online Stores button and choose Add Current Service to Menu. Now you can quickly go to that store by choosing it from the menu.


Follow that site’s procedure to browse or make purchases.

You might also need to sign up to access the store. For example, if you want Napster as your online store, you need to follow a link to download the Napster tool and sign up for the program.


When you finish shopping, click any of the tabs in Media Player to close the online store and return to using Media Player.

To display a media guide that covers movies, music, radio stations, and even cartoons, click the arrow on the Online Stores button and choose Media Guide. This takes you to the Windows Media Guide, with news, links, free skins, device reviews, and more.

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