How to Set In and Out Points for Your DSLR Film

Rarely will you ever need to use the entire DSLR movie clip. In order to isolate key parts of the footage, set In and Out points. These refer to parts of the scene that you want the clip to begin and end, respectively. The changes are only for reference and not permanent.

In other words, the footage outside the In and Out points is not deleted, so you can change the In and Out points to have access to the entire clip if you change your mind.

To set In and Out points, do the following before dragging the clip into the timeline:


Double-click the selected movie file in the Project folder.

A dialog pops up with a preview window. It shows the clip and controls like those of a VCR or tape recorder.


Determine the starting point of the clip.

Drag the CTI (Current Time Indicator) to the point that you want the clip to begin. It looks like a blue home plate shooting a red laser. You can also drag the Trim handles to the desired start and end points.


Set the In point.

Click Set In on the bottom of the dialog, or simply type the letter I.


Determine the ending point of the clip.

Click Set Out on the bottom of the dialog, or simply type the letter O.


Drag the clip to the timeline.

Repeat for the others.

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