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How to Send an E-Mail Attachment on Your Surface

Sending a file through the Mail app on your Surface tablet works just the opposite of saving an attached file: Instead of finding a file in an e-mail and saving it into a folder or library, you’re finding a file in a folder or library and saving it in an e-mail.

To send a file to somebody through the Mail app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Mail app and create a new e-mail.

    Choose the recipient and write your message.

  2. Open the Mail app’s App bar, and tap the Attachments icon.

    Open the App bar by sliding your finger up from the screen’s bottom edge. (You can do this even if your Surface’s on-screen keyboard fills the screen’s bottom half.)

    Tap the Attachment icon from the App bar, and the Windows 8 File Picker window appears.

  3. Navigate to the file you’d like to send.

    Tap the word Files to see a drop-down menu listing your computer’s major storage areas. Most files live in your Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos libraries.

    Tap any folder’s name to see a list of the files stored inside. Don’t see the files you want? Tap the File Picker’s Go Up link to retreat from that folder and try again with a different folder.

  4. Tap the name of each file you want to send, and then tap the Attach button.

    A tap selects a file; tap a file again to deselect it. As you tap files, their color changes to show they’re selected.

    A tap of the Attach button returns to the Mail app and attaches the file or files to your e-mail.

  5. In the Mail app, tap the Send button.

    The Mail app sends your mail and its attached file or files to the recipient. Depending on the size of your attached files, this may take from several seconds to several minutes. Because it all takes place in the background, feel free to switch to another app, browse the web, or grab another bagel at your free Wi-Fi spot.

When your recipient receives your attached files, they can save them onto their own computer, no matter what type of computer or e-mail program they own.

  • If you try to attach too many large files, the Mail app warns you with a message across the mail’s top: “The attachments might be too large to send this message. Try selecting Send Using SkyDrive instead.”

  • If you spot that message, tap Send Using SkyDrive Instead. The Mail app then uploads those files to a new folder on your SkyDrive account, and then sends the recipient a link to that folder where they can view or download them.

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