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To create quality educational podcasts on an iPad, your students (or you) will need a good microphone. A good-quality microphone will give your podcasts (and those of your students) higher-quality audio and minimize background noise.

Remember that you need only a few microphones because you won't have all students recording simultaneously. You can choose expensive, high-end mics to more reasonably priced ones. Here are two microphone options to consider:

  • Apogee MiC Studio: MiC is a high-quality microphone that connects to an iPad, iPhone, or a Mac or Windows computer. MiC is about the size of an iPhone and can record vocals, voiceovers, instruments, interviews, and everything in between, and build a track right on GarageBand.

    The quality is great, and if you're recording music or producing more professional podcasts, it's a great choice. The bad news: It's fairly expensive at around $200.

  • iRig MIC Cast Ultra-Compact Microphone: The iRig connects via the iPad headset jack and is moderately priced at around $40. It's an ultra-compact, portable voice-recording microphone designed specifically for recording podcasts, interviews, lectures, voice memos, speeches, and more.

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