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How to Search Your iPad with Spotlight

A search feature in iPad called Spotlight helps you find photos, music, e-mails, contacts, movies, and more. This search feature can be found on the screen to the left of the iPad's default Home screen.

Follow these steps to access and use Spotlight:

  1. Press and drag from left to right on the Home screen to display the Spotlight screen.

    You can also, from the primary Home screen, tap the left side of the Home button to move one screen to the left.

  2. Tap in the Search iPad field.

    The keyboard appears.

  3. Begin entering a search term.

    As you continue to type a search term, the results are narrowed down to match.

  4. Tap an item in the search results to open it in the associated app.

    To close the app and go back to the search screen, tap the Home button and then tap the left side of the Home button to display the search screen again.

  5. To enter a different search term, tap in the search box and tap the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the current term and then enter another.

You can use some standard search techniques to narrow your search. For example, if you want only the e-mails that include both Bob Smith and Jane Jones, enter "Smith, Jones" or "Bob, Jane" as your search term. To change the search language, tap the key on the onscreen keyboard that looks like a little globe to cycle through available languages.

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