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Most people spend a lot of time online browsing around to find what they want, regardless of whether they're searching from their Kindle Fire, computers, or other devices. Search engines make your life easier because they help you narrow down what you’re looking for by using specific search terms; they then troll the web to find matches for those terms from a variety of sources.

To search the entire web, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the plus sign (+) to add a tab in the browser if you want search results to appear on a new tab.

    Thumbnails of recently visited sites appear.

  2. Tap in the Search field.

    The thumbnails change to a list of bookmarked sites, and the onscreen keyboard appears.

  3. Enter a Search term and tap Go.

    Search results appear in Google.

  4. Tap a result to go to that page.


To specify a search engine to use other than the default, Google, tap the Menu button in the Options bar, and then tap Settings. Use the Set Search Engine option to choose Google, Bing, or Yahoo! as the default search engine.

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