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Sealing concrete will reduce the porosity so that it won’t absorb as much oil. If you know how to seal concrete, the oil will sit on type of your concrete, giving you time to apply a commercial product that will chew up surface oil and grease.

Each fall you should seal the surface, especially if you live in the Northern states. It will protect the concrete from the salt used to de-ice streets and from absorbing water that causes spalling.


Make a concrete sealant or pick up a commercial variety.

Make your own sealant for concrete, using boiled linseed oil and turpentine in equal portions. The amount to make will depending on the size of the surface that has to be sealed. Commercial sealers are also good and they come in various colors, which is a nice bonus for people wanting a new look.


Roll on the concrete sealant.

Apply the concrete sealer with a paint roller; attach a long handle to it so you can stand up while working.

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