PowerPoint offers a pen you can use to scribble on your PowerPoint slide as you are giving your presentation. Use this to make important points, or highlight text on your PowerPoint slides the way John Madden does during a football game. To scribble on your PowerPoint slides start your slide show and, follow these steps:


Press Ctrl+P.

The arrow cursor changes to a pen shape.


Draw away.

Drawing doodles like this requires good mouse dexterity.


Change the pen color.

Use the Show menu that appears in the bottom-left corner of the slide. This menu has four little icons, and the second icon from the left displays a list of pen options: a ballpoint pen, a felt-tipped pen that draws a heavier line, and a highlighter that draws in broad semitransparent lines, just like a real highlighter.


To erase your doodles, press E.

Just like that, your slide is clean again.


To stop drawing, press Esc.

The normal cursor returns. When you finish your presentation, you’re given the option to keep your doodles as annotations in your presentation. Then you won’t have to draw the doodles next time.