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How to Save Work on the TI-Nspire

Very soon after you create a new document on the TI-Nspire, it’s a good idea to save the file. The quickest and easiest way to save your new file is to press [CTRL][S] (shortcut for [DOC]→File→Save). Because this file wasn’t saved previously, a dialog box opens, giving you complete control over the filename and the folder in which to save.

Follow these steps to change the folder location or to create a new folder:

  1. Press [DOC]→File→Save or the shortcut key sequence [CTRL][S].

  2. Type the name of the file in the File Name field.

  3. Press [SHIFT][TAB] to move from the File Name field to the folder that’s currently open, or just move your cursor and press [CLICK].

    All the folders contained in the My Documents menu are listed.

  4. Highlight the name of the folder you wish to save your document to and press [ENTER] to select the folder.

    Navigating a dialog box on the TI-Nspire is very similar to navigation on a computer. Pressing [TAB] advances to the next field and pressing [SHIFT][TAB] goes back to the previous field. Alternatively, because a dialog box is a clickable area, you can navigate by moving your cursor and pressing [CLICK] to choose the field that you wish to edit (like moving your mouse on a computer).

  5. To create a new folder, press [SHIFT][TAB] to highlight the new folder icon and then press [ENTER] to create a new folder; type the name of the folder in the highlighted field.

  6. Press [ENTER] to accept file saving information and close the dialog box.

    Alternatively, press [TAB] until OK is highlighted, and then press [ENTER] or [CLICK].

If you don’t want to change the folder location, complete Steps 1, 2, and 6. As you continue to work on your document, you can periodically save your work by pressing [CTRL][S].

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