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How to Save Web Pages on a Samsung Galaxy Tab for Offline Reading

There are a few things you’ll want to do before taking your Galaxy Tab on a trip, like making sure it is fully charged and synchronizing any media from your PC so you can watch movies to your heart’s content. Another nifty thing to do is save web pages for later reading. If you save your favorite websites for offline reading, you won’t have to pay for Wi-Fi in flight.

Here’s how to save a web page by using the Browser app:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to save for later reading.

  2. Touch the Menu icon button.

  3. Choose the Save Page command.

    The page is downloaded, saved to the Tab’s internal storage.

Repeat these steps for each web page you want to read when offline.

To view the page, open the Downloads app on the Apps Menu. You see the web page listed, along with other items you’ve downloaded. Unfortunately, web pages are saved using the page’s original name, plus the long link name to that page. The name isn’t too cryptic, so even if you choose the wrong page from the Downloads list, you’re still reading a web page you’ve previously saved.

Downloaded web pages will be missing some information; only the text and formatting are saved; pictures might be missing. Though this arrangement may not look pretty, at least you’ll have some reading material on the plane — specifically, stuff you’re used to reading that day anyway.

You can also download Google Books books using the Books app.

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