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You can click an Office document in a SkyDrive folder to edit it within the corresponding web-based application — but what if you want to save a file to your SkyDrive from within your traditional hard drive–based Office program? No problem! Just follow these steps:


Click the File tab in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote.

You can save any of these documents to SkyDrive.


Click Save As.

Office reveals your Save As options.


Click SkyDrive.

If you haven't used SkyDrive so far in this computing session, you're prompted to enter your Microsoft account login information.


Click the destination SkyDrive folder (or click Browse to select a SkyDrive folder).

After a moment, you see a standard Save As dialog box where you can enter a filename and pick a document format.


Click Save.

You might experience a bit of "busy time" as your Office application uploads the file to your SkyDrive.

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