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Choose Single File Web Page or Web Page from the Save as Type drop-down menu.

Select Single File Web Page as the file type when your workbook only has one worksheet or you want the data on all the worksheets to appear on a single page. Select Web Page when you want to each worksheet in the workbook to appear on sequential web pages.

When you select either web page option, Excel expands the Save As dialog box to include the Entire Workbook (selected by default) and Selection: Sheet option buttons along with the Page Title text box and Change Title command button.

Next, you need to give a new filename to your web page in the File Name text box. Note that Excel automatically appends the filename extension .htm (for Hypertext Markup page) to whatever filename you enter here. When selecting a filename, keep in mind that some file servers (especially those running some flavor of UNIX) are sensitive to upper- and lowercase letters in the name.

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