After you have hidden an update from within Windows Update, you may later decide to restore the hidden update and install it on your computer, particularly if the update is a security update or is listed as important. For example, you may install a newer version of a program that an update previously conflicted with, or some other configuration change may occur that makes the update and program incompatible.

As part of the restore process, Windows will check to see if there is a more current update available, which may supersede the previous update altogether. To restore updates that you have previously hidden, follow these steps:


Open the Windows Control Panel, and then click System and Security.

The System and Security window appears.


Click Windows Update.

The Windows Update window appears.


In the left pane, click Restore Hidden Updates.

The Restore Hidden Updates window appears.


Select the updates you would like to restore and click Restore.

Windows will automatically check for new updates. Before installing the updates, you will want to verify that they are the correct updates that you want to install.


Click the link indicating that updates are available.

The Select Updates to Install window appears.


Select the updates you wish to install and click OK.

Windows Update downloads and installs the selected updates. Then, Windows Update indicates the status of the installation (for example, Succeeded, Failed, or Not Needed).


View the status of the selected updates.

When you're done, close the Windows Update window.