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How to Replay a Data Experiment on TI-Nspire

On the TI-Nspire, it is easy to replay a data experiment. This is a great feature! You can see an instant replay of your experiment. What a great tool to use in the classroom! To replay an experiment, follow these steps:

  1. Press [MENU]→Experiment→Replay→Playback Rate.

    Use one of the preset playback rates, or enter your own. A useful aspect of this feature is that you can speed up slower experiments and slow down faster ones to facilitate livelier class discussions. Choosing a rate lower than 1 slows the rate, and choosing a rate higher than 1 speeds the rate. Deselect the Repeat check box if you prefer to watch the replay only once.

  2. Press [MENU]→Experiment→Replay→Start Playback.

    In the lower-left corner, you find three control buttons. Use these buttons to stop, pause, or advance the playback one frame at a time. For fun, try advancing the playback one frame at a time while in Table view!

Change the units of measurement by pressing [MENU]→Experiment→Set Up Sensors. Then, choose the measurement unit that you prefer.

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