You can use the Find and Replace feature to replace text in your Word 2007 document. You can even replace text with nothing, which is useful for stripping out text that you don’t want.


Summon the Find and Replace dialog box.

When the Replace command button isn't visible in the Editing group, click the Editing button, and then choose the Replace command button from the pop-up group of command buttons that appears.


In the Find What box, type the text you want to find.

So, if you're finding Lance and replacing him with Paula, type Lance. Press the Tab key when you’re done typing.


In the Replace With box, type the text you want to use to replace the original text.

If you don’t type anything in the Replace With box, Word replaces your text with nothing!


Click the Find Next button.

Word scours your document for the text you typed in the Find What dialog box. When that text is found, you move on to the next step; otherwise, the Replace command fails because there’s nothing to replace.


Click the Replace button.

Word replaces the found text, highlighted on-screen, with the text typed in the Replace With box.


Keep replacing.

After you click the Replace button, Word immediately searches for the next instance of the text. Keep clicking Replace until the entire document has been searched.


Click the Close button.

You're done! If you don’t like the results of the Replace operation, you can use the Undo command to restore your document to its previous condition.