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So you find a great little program to install on your computer and somehow, by the time the install finished, you found yourself with a strange new toolbar in Internet Explorer. It happens to everyone. The important thing is to know how to remove the rogue toolbar from Internet Explorer so that it doesn't come back again.


The problem with so many of these add-on toolbars like the AOL Toolbar, and others of its ilk, is that it won’t stay off: If you right-click any toolbar and uncheck the line that says AOL Toolbar, the toolbar goes away for a while. But the minute you restart Internet Explorer, the banished toolbar, like a bad penny, comes right back. To get rid of the rogue toolbar for good, you have to go into the Internet Explorer settings.

  1. Start Internet Explorer. Click the Tools icon and choose Manage Add-ons→Enable or Disable Add-Ons.

  2. In the drop-down box marked Show, choose Add-Ons Currently Loaded in Internet Explorer. Click the Name column heading.

    You should see a list of add-ons, sorted by name.

  3. One by one, select any toolbars that you don’t want, and any “helpers” that come along for the ride, and click Disable.

    Only Disable the toolbars — don’t Delete — if you have the option.

  4. When you’re done slashing the unwanted critters, click OK twice, “X” out of Internet Explorer, and then restart Internet Explorer.

    The unwanted toolbar’s gone — and it won’t come back again.

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