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How to Remove Elements from Images in Photoshop Elements 11

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Choose Select→Deselect.

The cloned area now covers the element you want to remove, as shown in the figure. In the example, the snow and sky selection now covers the second skier.

Depending on your image, you may want to choose Select→Feather and enter a pixel or so before you move the cloned area. Feathering softens the edges and smoothes the transition between the cloned area and the background. Try it both ways to see which looks better. Use the Undo History panel to undo your steps, if necessary.

If you need to clean up any telltale signs that the element was there, select the Clone Stamp tool and select a medium-size feathered brush from the Brush Preset Picker on the Tool Options, hold down the Alt key (Option key on the Mac), and click a good area next to a seam or flaw; release the Alt key (Option key) and then click the flaw.

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