You want to keep your Bulldog happy and healthy, so you have to pay attention to her health issues. A fast trip to your veterinarian or local pet hospital is necessary if any of the following situations occur:

  • Your Bulldog has been injured in any way. Some injuries aren’t as bad as they look, but don’t take any chances.

  • Elevated temperature and heavy breathing may mean that your dog is experiencing heat stroke.

  • Your Bulldog vomits or has diarrhea for 24 hours. Take her to the vet before the condition gets worse!

  • Your Bulldog refuses to eat for 24 hours. Your Bulldog may be telling you that something is seriously wrong.

  • You think that your Bulldog has eaten anything poisonous. When taking your Bulldog to the vet, be sure to take along a sample of what you think she ate, so the vet will know exactly how to treat your dog.