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One of the true beauties of owning a NOOK and having a Barnes & Noble account is the ability to access your library on multiple devices that are linked to that account. You can purchase a book from your NOOK and continue reading it on a PC or Mac or even on a smartphone; you can start on one of those devices and resume on a NOOK.

The use of the Barnes & Noble account automatically handles license and other DRM issues, and there is no need to employ an intermediary program for that purpose.

A few swipes, a couple of taps, and the book will be downloaded to the electronic reader; a record of your purchase will also be maintained in your Barnes & Noble account, which will allow you to restore a book if it is deleted from a NOOK eReader or if the reader fails or disappears.

Files purchased through a PC will be duplicated on your NOOK when the eReader makes wireless contact to the Internet. Files bought directly on the NOOK will arrive on a desktop or laptop computer when that device connects to the B&N store by wired or wireless link.

When a book or periodical is in the process of being downloaded, it will appear in your library with a striped bar across its cover; the stripe will go away once the reading material has fully arrived.

For more information about the NOOK eReader and its features, explore NOOK eReaders For Dummies, Portable Edition.

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