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By marketing on Twitter you can target your message easily, but you have to overcome a major hurdle: Everyone is being hit with thousands of advertising messages online and offline every day, according to experts. And the people you want to reach through Twitter are also being bombarded by people just like you wanting to get their attention. To avoid turning off and losing potential customers, try the tips suggested here.

Tweeting about sales and deals is a little tricky. If you have a special offer or deal that you want to present to customers, that’s fine. However, keep your messages at a ratio of about 1 marketing message per 10 or even 15 noncommercial messages.

Write about sales, special offers, deals, and coupons very carefully so that you keep a balance and avoid going overboard (thus getting people to unfollow you, or worse, to report you as a spammer). While still sharing details about a special offer every 10 to 15 tweets, you can keep a balance in one of two ways:

  • Write a few tweets and write fewer special offers. With this approach, it will take you longer to present your followers with all the offers you may have to share.

  • Write a lot of tweets so that you can share the number of special offers you have to offer in a shorter period of time.

Also, make sure that your messages look natural.

This tweeted message looks too commercial.
This tweeted message looks too commercial.

Instead, try to make your messages flow a little more naturally and conversationally.

This Twitter message sounds relatively conversational.
This Twitter message sounds relatively conversational.

When you are tweeting, even if it has been ten or more tweets since you last shared a marketing message, avoid sounding like you have all the answers on how to make easy money with little or no work or how to cure an incurable disease. Those are sure ways to end up being treated like a spammer.

Try to write tweets about sales and deals in response to someone else’s tweets. When you find those tweets, send a personalized response to the user, not a canned one.

Make your Twitter marketing responses personal.
Make your Twitter marketing responses personal.
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