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Vibrato is a warble added to the end of a note and is very reminiscent of vocals. Vibrato gives a note more warmth and vibrancy. With your ukulele, you can create vibrato in two ways:

  • Bending: Bend the string slightly and release it. Repeat it, making sure that the note keeps ringing all the time.

  • Sliding: Fret the note and slide your finger back and forth within the fret. This effect is much more subtle and works better on the uke than bending.

Vibrato is usually used on longer notes at the end of phrases. As well as adding expression to the note, it helps seek out a little extra sustain (before the note dies out).

In tablature, vibrato is indicated with a wavy line, but feel free to add vibrato wherever you think it sounds good. Vibrato is not always indicated because it is such an integral part of each individual player’s own sound.

Vibrato in ukulele tab.
Vibrato in ukulele tab.
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