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You can print invoices in Quicken 2012 as you create them. Simply click the Print button on the Invoice window. The Print button looks like a printer and appears in the lower-left corner of the window. When you click the Print button, Quicken displays the Print Invoice dialog box. Click the OK button to print the invoice.

You can also print invoices in batches. To use batch printing, first create your batch of invoices (obviously). Next, display the Business tab, click the Business Tools button, and then choose the Print Invoices/Invoices List command.

When Quicken displays the Invoices List, verify that the invoices you want to print are marked with a check, click the Print button so that Quicken displays a menu of print commands, and then choose the List command. Quicken displays the Print dialog box. Click the OK button to print the selected invoices.

The Print Invoice and Print dialog boxes provide a bunch of buttons and boxes you can use to control how Quicken prints your invoices.

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