How to Post Effective Photos and Text Updates

Your updates are among the most shared content from your Facebook Page. Posting them effectively can mean the difference between making a big splash and landing with a thud. Here are some tips to help your updates be the best they can be.


Post large images.

Images are always more eye-catching than text, and when it comes to Facebook updates, attracting eyes is half the battle. Use big, colorful images to ensure people will pay attention to what you’re saying.


Post photos that tell a story.

The best images do much more than just attract attention — they have emotional impact and can tell a complete, succinct story.


Optimize the photo description.

Use captions or descriptions to ensure readers understand the meaning or significance of your image.


Include a call-to-action.

Once you have a reader’s attention, use a call to action to direct that attention where you want it to go. And be specific — studies have shown that posts that include the word “like” receive more Likes, posts that include the word “comment” receive more comments, and posts that include the word “share” receive more shares.


Post closed questions.

Ask questions — the number of comments on posts that include questions are more than double the number on posts that don’t.

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