How to Play Sounds with Animations in PowerPoint 2007 Presentations

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To tickle your audience’s ears as well as its eyes, you can make sound accompany an animation in your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint offers applause, the ching of a cash register, a drum roll, and more. If none of the sounds suit you, you can play a .WAV (wave) sound file of your own with an animation. Starting on the Animations tab, display the Custom Animation task pane and follow these steps to play a sound when an animation begins:


Click the Animations tab.

The Custom Animations task pane opens.


Double-click the animation in the list or open its drop-down list and choose Effect Options.

You see the Effect Options dialog box (showing Fly In, in this case).


Open the Sound drop-down list and select a sound.

PowerPoint offers 16 sounds to choose from.


Click the Volume icon.

A Volume slider lets you make the sound louder or softer than the volume settings on your computer.


Click OK.

PowerPoint plays the sound you chose.

To quit playing a sound along with an animation, go to the Effect Options dialog box and choose [No Sound] on the Sound drop-down list.

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The Essentials of Using Animations in PowerPoint 2007