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Photoshop Elements 10's image window’s tools and features are most useful when an image is open in the window. Just a quick glance at the Elements workspace when you enter Full Photo Edit mode shows you some of the power that Elements offers with just a click of your mouse button. With all the possibilities, navigating the Elements workspaces and engaging in an editing session can be intimidating.

To get an image into the image window, follow these steps:


Choose File→Open.

The standard Open dialog box appears. It works like any ordinary Open dialog box you find in other applications.


Move around your hard drive by using methods you know to open folders and then select a picture.

If you haven’t yet downloaded digital camera images or acquired scanned photos and want an image to experiment with, you can use an image found in your Pictures folder that was installed with your operating system.

Elements installs some nice sample images with the application installation. Look in the Photoshop Elements 10\Support Files\Tutorials (Windows) or /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 10/Support Files/Tutorials (Macintosh) folder to find some photos to play with.


After selecting a picture, click Open.

The photo opens in a new image window in Elements.

You can open as many image windows in Elements as your computer memory can handle. When each new file is opened, a thumbnail image is added to the Project Bin at the bottom of the screen.

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