The Droid X can do many things, but it hasn't forgotten its role as a telephone. You can call anyone from your Droid, much like when you use a non-smart cell phone or (gasp!) a landline phone:


Touch the phone icon, found on the Home screen just to the left of the Launcher button.

The dialpad appears.


Input the number to call by touching the keys on the dialpad.

If you make a mistake, touch the Delete key to back up and erase. If you need to dial an international number, press and hold the 0 (zero) key until the + (plus-sign) character appears. Then input the rest of the international number. (The number shown here will let you leave comments for the people at the White House.)


Touch the green phone button to make the call.

While the phone attempts to make the connection, the Call in Progress notification icon appears on the status bar. Also, the screen changes to show the number that was dialed. When the recipient is on your Contacts list, the name appears, as well as a picture, if you have one in the person's contact information.


When the person answers the phone, talk.

Use the phone's volume buttons (on the side of the Droid X) to adjust the speaker volume during the call.


To end the call, touch the red End button.

The phone disconnects. The phone call in-progress notification goes away.


You can do other things while you're making a call on the Droid X. Just press the Home button to run an application, browse the Internet, check an appointment time, or do whatever. These activities don't disconnect you, though your cellular carrier may not allow you to do things online while you're on a call. To return to the call after doing something else, swipe down the notifications at the top of the screen and touch the notification for the current call.