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Wall balls strengthen many muscles and are considered a full-body workout.

To do wall balls, you need a medicine ball. Typically, men use about a 20-pound ball and women about 14 pounds.

Choose a spot on the wall to focus on, approximately 8 to 10 feet from the floor.

Start in a standing position, about 15 to 24 inches away from the wall, feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly if that's more comfortable for you in the bottom position, and your weight on your heels. Hold the ball with your hands and elbows underneath the ball at chin level.

Keeping the ball at chin level, descend into the bottom position of a squat (or close to it).

Quickly reverse the motion, explosively extending your hips and knees. You may come up onto your toes as you transfer the momentum of your body into your arms and launch the medicine ball at the target.

This movement should end with your body fully extended, fingers pointed toward the target.

As the ball bounces off the wall, catch it in a position near your chin, and let the weight of the ball push you back into a front squat to seamlessly begin your next rep.

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