How to Perform Paleo Strength Exercises

Dumbbell rows develop and strengthen many of your back muscles (both upper and lower) and also work your shoulders, arms, and core.

Stand near a stable bench, table, or chair. Hold the dumbbell in the hand farthest from the bench.

Take a large step forward with your foot closest to the bench and place the same-side hand on top of the bench to brace yourself.

Lean forward so that your back is almost parallel to the floor.

The dumbbell should be hanging down toward the floor, with your knees slightly bent and your eyes focusing on a spot on the ground somewhere in front of you.

Pull your shoulder back and row the dumbbell up to your ribs, pulling your elbow to the ceiling as far as you can without forcing it.

Your forearm should be nearly vertical from start to finish.

Lower in a smooth and controlled manner and repeat.

To change sides, switch the direction you're facing and follow the same procedure.

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