Etsy’s forums serve as meeting places for Etsy members. In essence, Etsy forums are public message boards where members can discuss all manner of topics. Etsy supports five main forums:

Announcements: This forum is reserved for Etsy staff, for posting site-related announcements. Check this forum for news about upcoming site changes.

Site Help: If you have general questions about how to use Etsy, questions about site features, or queries related to site policy, this forum is for you. Odds are, someone in the Etsy community or on the Etsy staff can — and will — answer your question!

Business Topics: Are you looking for shop-related advice — for example, help running and marketing your Etsy shop, assistance with payment-related issues, info about shipping, or advice on navigating the ups and downs of running a small business? If so, visit the Business Topics forum.

Ideas: Did you wake up at 3 a.m. with an idea that could revolutionize Etsy? Then post it in the Ideas forum. It acts like a suggestion box of sorts. You can also use this forum to discuss changes to the site or offer site-related constructive criticism.

Bugs: If you come across some part of the site that’s not working as intended, check the Bugs forum to see if anyone else has experienced the same glitch. If not, use the forum to report it.

None of Etsy’s forums is meant to serve as a complaint desk. If you need to air a grievance, e-mail it to

To participate on an Etsy forum, follow these steps:


Click the Community link along the top of any Etsy page.

The Community page opens.


Click the Forums link on the left side of the page.

The Forums page opens.


Click the title of the forum that you want to visit.

The forum page opens.

Notice that posts in any Etsy forum are divided into threads. You can view and respond to any thread you want. Here’s how:


Click a thread that interests you.

A page opens, showing the post that started the thread, along with any responses to that post.


To respond to a post, either click the Post a Reply button at the top of the page or scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The Post a Reply box appears.


Type your reply and then click Post a Reply.

Your post appears at the end of the list of replies.

To view threads in which you’ve posted a reply, click the Your Threads link on the left side of any forum screen, click the Threads You’ve Posted In tab, and click the thread that you want to view.

If you find a thread that’s particularly interesting, you can mark it. That way, you can easily keep track of new posts in that thread. To mark a thread, open the thread and click the Mark button. To view threads that you’ve marked, click the Your Threads link on the left side of any forum screen, click the Marked Threads tab, and click the thread that you want to view.

Before you reply to a thread in an Etsy forum or start a new thread of your own, be sure that your post doesn’t violate Etsy etiquette.