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It's rare for anyone to open the PC's console these days, especially with new PCs. Don’t open the console just to casually poke around. About the only time you must open the console is when performing some type of upgrade. Even then, you should just have a professional do the upgrade. But if you absolutely must open the console:


Turn off the computer.

Shut it down as you normally do, such as through the Start menu.


Unplug the console; remove the power cord.

Turning the console off isn’t enough. You really need to unplug the power cord. Unplugging other cables isn’t necessary unless you need to do so to move the console around.


Move the console out from the wall.

Put it in a place where you have room to work.


Open the console’s case.

The steps for opening the case depend on the case. Some cases require a screwdriver and the removal of several screws. Other cases may just pop up, slide off, or swing open.

When the case is open and the computer's guts are visible, you’re ready to work inside the console — but mind the cables!

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