You have several ways to open a Word 2010 document that was previously saved as a file on disk. Open is the standard computer command used to fetch a document that already exists on the PC’s storage system. You use Open to hunt down documents that were previously saved and open them like you’re unwrapping a present. The document is then displayed in Word's window as though it has always been there:


Choose the Open command from the File tab menu.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O. Either way, the Open dialog box materializes.


Locate the document you want to open.

The Open dialog box — vast and wild as it is — contains a list of documents previously saved to disk. Your job is to find the one you want to open. Using the Open dialog box, you can examine various folders on your PC's hard drive, and on any computer network your PC is connected to, to scour for files to open.


When you find the file, select it.

The file appears highlighted in the dialog box.


Click the Open button.

Word opens the highlighted file, carefully lifting it from your PC’s storage system and slapping it down on the screen.

Avoid opening a file on any removable media, such as a digital memory card or an optical disc. Although it's possible, it can lead to headaches later if you remove the media before Word is done with the document. Use Windows to copy the document from the removable media to the PC's hard drive. Then open it in Word.