If you have several applications open on your PC and others you want to open, use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to navigate among them. So, you don't want to have to commit all those open apps to memory; just command them with your voice.

Here are some commands for navigating your applications once you have Dragon NaturallySpeaking running and your microphone on:

  • The "List All Windows" command: If you want to see which applications are open already, say, "List All Windows." Dragon opens a screen and shows you a list of all the applications that are open.

  • The "Open" command: Look at the name of the application icon you want to open on the desktop and say, "Open <application>."

  • The "Launch" command: To open the start menu first, "Launch Start Menu." Or if you'd like to open an item that's on the Start menu, say "Launch <name of Start menu item>."

  • The "Open" command: Say, "Open Windows Explorer" to find something buried on your computer.