How to Master the iPad Multitouch Screen

Part of the iPad For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To move around on your Apple iPad, use the multitouch screen. The iPad has no mouse and no physical keyboard or keypad buttons; the multitouch screen displays virtual versions of buttons and controls as required for the tasks at hand. Prep your fingers for the following:

  • Flick a finger on the iPad screen to scroll through music, pictures, e-mails, contacts, and more.

  • Tap against the iPad screen to open applications, play songs, choose photos, and so on.

  • Though it may not look like it, your iPad is a multitasking marvel. While you can have only one app on your screen at a time, swipe left or right with four or five fingers to switch between recently used apps. Or double-press the Home button to access preview pages with icons just below them for any apps that are already open; swipe to the right or left to see more apps.

  • Swipe the screen from bottom to top to use Control Center to enable and disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and much more.

  • Pinch and unpinch to enlarge web pages and pictures, or to make them smaller. To pinch or unpinch using multitouch, place your thumb and index finger against the iPad screen. Then keeping the thumb in place, drag your index finger to pinch or unpinch accordingly.

  • Trust the iPad virtual keyboard. It makes suggestions and corrects mistakes on the fly.

  • Tap anywhere in text to select one or more words.

  • Correct errors in a note or e-mail by holding your fingers against the iPad screen to bring up a magnifying glass that lets you position the pointer in the precise spot that needs to be edited. Lift your finger when the cursor (a vertical line) is in the proper spot.

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