When writing in Word 2010, you don't have to press Enter twice to add extra space between paragraphs. Word can add that space for you, automatically:


Position the insertion pointer in the paragraph or paragraphs that you want more air around.

You can also mark a block of paragraphs to affect them all.


Click the Home tab and determine the point size of your text.

It’s listed in the Font group.


Click the Page Layout tab.

The tab opens.


If you want to add space after paragraph, adjust the After value in the Paragraph group.

For example, if your text size is 12, click the up arrow next to After until the value 12 appears in the box. This action adds 12 points, or one blank line, of space after each paragraph you type.

Rather than use the adjustment arrows, you can manually enter values in the After or Before text box. But remember that the values are points, not inches or potrzebies.


To add space before a paragraph, change the value in the Before text box.

For example, you can add space before a paragraph to further separate a document heading or subhead from the preceding paragraph.

The space you add to the paragraph becomes part of its format, just like line spacing would, although the space afterward appears only after the paragraph's text. (You can see this space if you select the paragraph as a block.)