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Most of the music you have in the Google Play music library on your Android tablet, especially music obtained from the Play Store, is actually stored on the Internet, not on the tablet. As long as you have an Internet connection, your tablet can play the music; but when you don’t have an Internet connection…silence.

To make your music available offline, you need to download it from the Internet to the tablet’s storage. Here’s how it works:

  1. Display the Play Music app’s navigation drawer.

  2. Choose My Library.

    Behold your music library.

  3. Locate the song, artist, or album that you want to store on the tablet.

  4. Touch the Action Overflow icon by the song, artist, or album.

  5. Choose the Keep on Device command.

    Or, if it’s visible, you can touch the Pushpin icon next to the album or song.

The music is downloaded to the tablet, after which it’s available to play all the time, Internet connection or no.

  • Pinned music (stored on the tablet) features the Pin icon, similar to the one shown in the margin. That icon can also be used when viewing an album; touch it to keep the entire album on the device.

  • When you copy music to the tablet from a computer, it’s always kept on the device.

  • To review the music already on the tablet, go to the main Play Music app screen. Touch the Library menu and choose the On Device command.

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