If you work in a busy environment, making quick, confident business decisions can be challenging if priorities aren't clear. This problem can be particularly difficult for employees who fill the "worker bee" role and who haven't been given clear direction on business priorities. Try assessing your options in the following order:

  1. Which task creates the most financial benefit for the company?

  2. Which task serves the customers best?

  3. Which task best supports the company's business vision, core values, core purpose, and goals?

  4. Which task best supports my boss's goals and objectives?

  5. Which task best aligns with my personal goals and objectives?

  6. Which task affects other areas the most?

    • How many departments will this affect?

    • How many people will this involve?

    • What effect will this task have on my time or my boss's time?

    • What will this task cost?