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Not remodeling? You can still make your existing cooking area more efficient by assessing the space and your movement. A well-designed cooking area is efficient and makes cooking easier and more pleasurable. Work with the basic kitchen design you have, and consider these timesaving tips:

  • Consider the concept of access. If you want to spend the day running, join a health club. If you want to enjoy an efficient and pleasurable cooking experience, put some thought into the organization of your workspace.

  • The design of the cooking area should be practical. You shouldn’t have to walk ten feet from the stove to get the salt, for example.

  • Figure out the easiest routes between work areas. You should be able to move from your sink to the stove and to the refrigerator in a smooth, unobstructed fashion. This working space actually has a name: the kitchen triangle.

    Sink-stove-fridge: Make sure the route through your kitchen triangle is clear.
    Sink-stove-fridge: Make sure the route through your kitchen triangle is clear.
  • Move any kitchen obstructions you can. If a table, plant, or small child is blocking the way, move it.

Even if you can’t design your kitchen space, you can arrange what you need in a way that works for you.

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