A vignette is a circular border around the center of interest in a photograph, and vignettes are effective when used with a portrait. You can create a colorful vignette with a gradual blend to the subject:


Open the image you want to vignette in your image editor.

This figure shows it in Photoshop Elements.


Select the Elliptical Marquee tool and create an oval selection around your subject.

If the Marquee tool is set to create a square, use the small drop down arrow in its corner to change the setting.


Choose Select→Inverse.

This inverts the selection, thus changing everything that’s NOT within the oval.


Choose Edit→Fill Selection.

The Fill Layer dialog box appears.


Choose Use→Color.

Then, select a color from the Choose a Color dialog box that appears


Click OK.

This applies the fill to the selection.


Choose Select→Deselect.

The selection exits stage right. The portrait with vignette is shown in this figure. If you’re not satisfied with the vignette fill that you choose, press Ctrl+Z to undo the fill and repeat the color-selection process.