Your Droid X allows you to make a conference call if you need to talk to multiple people at the same time. To make a conference call on your Droid, you make one call, and then you add a second call. Touch a button on the Droid X touchscreen, and then everyone is talking.


Phone the first person.

You can input his or her number, select that number from your Contacts list, or even use speed dial if you have it set up.


After your phone connects and you complete a few pleasantries, touch the Add Call button.

The first person is put on hold, and you see the dialpad.


Dial the second person.

Or you can summon the number from the Contacts list. Say your pleasantries and inform the party that the call is about to be merged.


Touch the Merge Calls button.

The two calls are now joined. Everyone you've dialed can talk to and hear each other.


If your cell provider allows, you can connect to more than two callers for a conference call by repeating Steps 2 through 4 to connect the third person.

You will also need to repeat Step 7 to disconnect each caller.


When several people are in a room and want to participate in a call, touch the Speaker button.

This step puts the phone in Speaker mode.


To end the conference call, disconnect the last person you called: Touch the End Last Call button.

The second person you dialed is disconnected; the call ends. You're still taking to the first person.


To end the first conversation, touch the End Call button.

The conference call is over.