How to Add Text to Your Digital Photo
Deleting a Layer in a Digital Photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements
Editing a Layer of a Digital Photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements

How to Make a Collage of Photos

You can create a collage by using layers in your image-editing software. Pile as many photos as you want onto different layers in the same collage image, and then position them to create the collage effect you want:


Open each collage image individually to touch each one up.

You can do whatever color correction and touch-ups you need to get the images in good shape.


Decide which image you want to be the base or background.

This figure shows a good background image.


Select and copy the subject in one of the other photos, and then paste it into the base picture on its own layer.

Repeat this process for all the image elements you want to add.


Resize, reposition, and rotate the individual layers.

Play around with different compositions until you find one you like.


Save your new collage image.

You can save one copy of the image in its layered state so that you can still edit it if you want. You may decide to flatten the image and save it as a TIFF file (as shown in this figure). (Or you can save two copies, one layered and one flattened.)


Working with multiple images and large images can strain even the most hardy computer system. Save your collage at regular intervals so that you’re protected in the case of a system breakdown.

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