Your business’s Facebook Place is created when someone is physically at your location and attempts to check in. If this check-in is the first one that’s been attempted at your location, the person who’s checking in can search for your location and tap Add on his or her mobile device; then your Place is created automatically. After your Place has been created, you can claim it as your business.

Multiple Places may have been created for your Page, so you may need to claim multiple Places. Once you claim your multiple places, you can delete the irrelevant ones and keep the Pages you want to focus on.

If your business name doesn’t have a listing on Places yet, no one has tried to check in to it. The easiest way to create a Place is to use the mobile interface to add your business, check in there, and then go back to the computer and claim your Places Page. Alternatively, categorize your Page as Local Business or Place, and you’re ready to go.

If you use your smartphone to create your Place, you need to be physically present at your business location. This program is a geolocation program, so your phone’s location is what Facebook puts on your Places page.

To locate your Place, follow these steps:


From a GPS-enabled mobile device, go to Facebook, and search for your business name.

The Search bar appears at the top of every Facebook screen.


If you don’t see your Places Page, create it.

If your business name doesn’t have a listing on Places, no one has tried to check in to it.


Tap Check In, and type in the name of your Place.

If the Place hasn’t yet been created, you’re prompted to add it by tapping the name you just typed. When you see a screen with a map of your location and an Add button in the right corner, tap the Add button.