Getting ready for a camping trip involves lots of packing — clothes, camping gear, food and cooking equipment, as well as sport and game equipment. When it comes to loading up your vehicle, use the following guidelines:

Place all camp gear, coolers, food, and fuel in the trunk. Stow liquids carefully so that they don’t tip. Don’t forget the goodie bag full of play stuff to keep restless travelers happy.
Use a car rack to handle overflow from the trunk. Never pack camp gear inside the passenger compartment; preserve that space for comfortable travel. If necessary, rent a larger vehicle. Attach removable sun screens to the inside rear windows.
Take blanket and pillows inside the car as nap-aids. Carry a litter bag within easy reach of all travelers. Dispose of litter at each pit stop.
Put maps (carefully marked with the route) within easy reach of the driver or navigator. Keep extra clothing inside, like jackets if you’re going to higher elevations. Those extra layers will make you more comfortable at rest stops.
Keep coins handy for tolls. Stow boats on the roof rack.
Keep a small cooler inside the car loaded with drinks and snacks. Toss a few old towels nearby to soak up spills and cover hot seats. Stow bikes on the rack, too. No room? Rent one of those special bike racks for rear mounting.