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When you’re traveling, you may want to check your e-mail but still keep it available to view from your desktop computer when you get back home. You can do so by keeping all your e-mail on your ISP's e-mail server. That way, you can read your e-mail from your laptop, and respond if necessary, and then trust that the same e-mail messages will be waiting for you when you return home to your desktop.

Here’s how to set up the "leave on server" e-mail option in Windows Mail and Outlook Express:

  1. Choose Tools→Accounts.

  2. In Windows Mail, select your e-mail account from the list; skip to Step 4. In Outlook Express, click the Mail tab in the Internet Accounts dialog box.

  3. In Outlook Express, choose your ISP's mail server from the list.

  4. Click the Properties button.

  5. In the Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab.

    image0.jpg image1.jpg
  6. Put a check mark in the box labeled Leave a Copy of Message on Server.

    That way, even after you pick up your e-mail on the road, it’s still available for pickup from the server later.

  7. Optionally select the check box by Remove from Server when Deleted from 'Deleted Items.'

    That way, if you answer and delete a message, it's also deleted and doesn't appear again later when you pick up your mail back at the office.

  8. Click OK, and then close any open windows or dialog boxes.

This solution can solve the problem of wanting to receive important e-mail on two different computers — and without the bother of trying to coordinate Inbox files at a later date.

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